The Diaper Diary

diaper photo of breastfed baby
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The Diaper Diary (Diapers of the Breastfed Baby) is a hand-out for nursing mothers that shows the changes in the stool of a breastfeeding infant during the first week postpartum. It also contains photos of stools that indicate a need for follow up with a mother’s health care provider. The text in English, French and Spanish is written at a 4th grade reading level. The reverse side provides a log for recording the number of stools and wet diapers on a daily basis for the first week postpartum.

Each Diaper Diary pad has 50 tear-off sheets with photos on the front and an easy-to-use log form on the back.

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Diaper Diary in English – $15.00 ea.

Minimum orders of 3 pads required. 

Diaper Diary in Spanish – $15.00 ea.

Minimum orders of 3 pads required.
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Diaper Diary in French – $15.00 ea.

Minimum orders of 3 pads required.
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[The Diaper Diary] is another good teaching tool depicting how to evaluate wet and/or soiled diapers for the breastfeeding baby…pictures show in realistic color …[and the] tracking record is easy to use. This handout will also be useful to any lactation consultants who conduct prenatal education or see parents shortly after birth.” Chamblin C. Journal of Human Lactation 

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